Back in 1995 we acquired the domain name with the intention of developing the site for the insurance industry. Twenty years later and following other paths in life means we never did develop the site. Figuring that twenty years means we just aren't going to develop the site going into the future, it's time to give someone a chance to fulfill their dreams, develop their business, or grab the ring of opportunity may bring.

If you're interested in buying or leasing, contact us. Check out ourĀ pricing schedule and do know we're open to negotiations and equity arrangements. We could have an auction, but since we're obviously not in a hurry to sell, we thought we'd have some fun and see if there are some entrepreneurs, angels, or opportunists out there who may really like the chance at developing the site by buying or leasing the domain name.

If you know someone who could benefit from the domain name, let them know it is available.